Faith in One Community - A Celebration

The meeting is intended to strengthen these bonds between our richly diverse communities, by helping to better understand each other. To help develop and foster stronger relations and ties, which serve to make us more resilient as a community in times of crises. It is therefore imperative that we in Britain do not fall victim to intolerance and fear based on ignorance. Never before has it been so important that we stand together, in our common shared values such as safety, security and freedom whilst celebrating our individuality and the spectrum of diversity that makes Britain such a great place to live.


Guest Speakers

Councillor Rabnawaz : Introduction by Stage Secretary (AUDIO CLIP)

Councillor Mary Watson (aka Aunty Mary): Sharing her personal experiences with the Muslim Community (AUDIO CLIP)

Councillor Iain Donaldson (Liberal Democrats, Burnage): Uniting our various communities together (AUDIO CLIP)

Tony Lloyd MP, Manchester Central: Bringing together all brotherhood/sisterhood under One God (AUDIO CLIP)

John Leech MP, Manchester, Withington: Importance of community cohesion and Khanqah Burnage Mosques exemplary example (AUDIO CLIP)

Sir Richard Leese (Leader of Manchester City Council): Thanking Khanqah Mosque for their hospitality and openness (AUDIO CLIP)

Superintendent Ian Palmer (Greater Manchester Police): Faith Groups Working together in partnership with the Police (AUDIO CLIP)

Councillor Afzal Khan (ex Lord Mayor / Chair of MCoM): The role of the Mosque being the heart of the Community (AUDIO CLIP)

Lord Mayor Mark Hackett: Recognition of the Muslim Communities Positive Impact in our Society (AUDIO CLIP)

Zahid Hassan (Khanqah Burnage Mosque): Building Communities The Sufi Way (AUDIO CLIP)