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John's surgery takes place on the last Saturday of every month at the
khanqah. People from all communities are invited to take part and discuss
their problems.

If you require any assistance with a problem or would like to get in touch
with John please feel free to come to the Khanqah Burnage Mosque on
the last Saturday of every month from 11am to 12pm


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The meeting is intended to strengthen these bonds between our richly diverse communities,
by helping to better understand each other.

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The Khanqah Cup

On Sunday13th March 2011, the Khanqah 5-a-side football tournament took place at the Powerleague Soccerdome Trafford, Manchester and proved to be a highly successful event.

The organisers of the tournament were Khanqah Burnage Mosque. Their goal was to build community cohesion by bringing together members from various segments of Manchester’s society. The tournament allowed people to drop their divisive tags and break barriers in order to embrace the principles of humanity – through the international language of football.

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The 2nd annual INTER MOSQUE SPORTS ASSOCIATION TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT took place at the Armitage Centre on Saturday 26th February. There was a great turnout with over 32 masjids being represented with over 64 players competing against each other. Our Khanqah Mosque had put forward 2 representatives who took part and one of the them went through to win in the doubles tournament! It was an amazing event and also had the ex Lord Mayor Afzal Khan presenting the medals and trophies.


On 5th March a ladies Meeting took place at the mosque regarding a somewhat controversial topic ‘Forced Marriages’. There was a very good local turnout and Councillor Yasmin Dar also gave an inspirational talk . The talk tackled issues with young girls getting forced into marriages and the taboo of talking openly about this. There was a special guest, Sameem Ali who was forced to marry aged 13. She gave a horrifying account of her experiences and talked openly of her ordeal. It was a truly an inspirational speech, she said “I want to inspire women to have a voice, whatever they are going through, it was many years before I raised my voice.”

The meeting proved to be very successful and informative and everybody went home with a greater knowledge of the topic.