Sufi Path

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace." Quran Ar-R'ad: 28

Stories from the Pious in Islam


"Indeed in their stories there is a lesson for men of understanding."  (Surah Yusuf:111)

Hadhrat Khawaja Baqi Billah rahmatullah alayhi
The Shaykh was a very kind hearted and merciful man. One night, for instance, when the Shaykh had prayed the tahajjud prayer, he returned to his bed and found a cat sleeping there. Since he did not wish to disturb the cat, the Shaykh remained sitting in the cold till morning.

The Shaykh used to say, “The Mashaa’ikh of the Silsilah Aaliya Naqshbandia have stated that if a person is keen to tread this path, then after making Tawbah, a person should spend all his time in Allah’s dhikr.”

This Tareeqah is that of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique radhiallahu anhu, who had immense love and Ishq for Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this was the means by which he obtained the fayz. It is for this reason that the most important type of nisbat with the Shaykh is that of love.”

The Shaykh also stated, “Regular Muraqabah is a great wealth, for it makes the hearts fertile.”

Hadhrat Shaykh Noor Muhammad Badyooni rahmatullah alayhi
He was so absorbed in Allah's dhikr that for fifteen years the Shaykh was not aware of the world other than at times of Prayer. He used to do so much dhikr that his back became hunched from sitting constantly in Muraqabah.

Hadhrat Shaykh Mirza Mazhar Jaan-e-Jaanan rahmatullah alayhi
The Shaykh also said, "A person should do dhikr in abundance, for without abundant dhikr, the heart does not open." He also stated, “You should spend your spare moments in dhikr and worship, for this keeps the mind clear of impure thoughts."

Hadhrat Shaykh Ahmad Sa'eed Dehlawi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi rahmatullah alayhi
The Shaykh also said, “The seekers of Allah should make sure that they do not spend even a moment away from Allah's dhikr, so that their relationship with Allah becomes total, to the extent that their hearts have no desires or ambitions other than Allah. They should remain steadfast upon their daily wazaaif."

Qutb-ul-Aqtaab Muhammad Uthmaan Daamaani rahmatullah alayhi
The Shaykh used to say, "My friends, the time you spend in this temporary life is very precious. Do not waste this time in neglect. Keep yourselves busy in Allah's dhikr at all times. Be aware! Let not even a moment be spent in neglect, for if it is, then you will regret it in the Hereafter, and it will also result in nothing but disappointment, and despair will come your way."

The Shaykh also used to say, “This World is a stop on a journey; the true homeland is the Aakhirah."

Hadhrat Shaykh Muhammed Siraaj-ud-Deen Naqshbandi Mujaddidi
rahmatullah alayhi
Hadhrat Shaykh also stated, "After thirty years, I have learnt that one moment that is spent in Allah's remembrance is better than having a kingdom like that of Sulaymaan alayhi salaam."

On another occasion, Hadhrat Shaykh stated, "When a person is alone and does Muraqaba dhikr in the morning and evening, he should cry to his Lord for forgiveness with humility, and should remain anxious and concerned over his deeds. This is because Rasoolullah salallahu alayhi wasallam would always be concerned and sorrowful."

Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Fazal Ali Shah Qurayshi Abbasi rahmatullah alayhi
From an early age, the Shaykh had a fond desire to raise a parrot and train it to say good things. But a voice from the unseen said to him, "Teaching a parrot will not be of as much benefit as teaching the creation of Allah (Man). The heart is Allah’s parrot that should be brought towards His dhikr."

Hadhrat Shaykh said, "The friends of Allah put great emphasis on doing the dhikr of Allah because the benefits of it are everlasting and permanent."